Don't be shy, tell us your wedding dress budget!

I don't get it. For so many people sharing their wedding dress budget is taboo. Well, I sort of understand it. You are worried we will act like a car salesman and not show you all of the options or that we might push you towards the top of your budget. Or a more scary thought, you haven't even thought about your budget.

Here is the thing. Why fall in love with a Ferrari when all you can afford is a Toyota? Why even torture yourself by looking at what you know you can't have? Let us be that buffer. If you tell us your budget at the beginning, we can steer you towards the dresses that you will love that you can still afford. We want you to look the most beautiful on your wedding day. We want you to find the perfect dress just as much as you do. Everyone has a budget. If you haven't figured yours out first, go home and create one then come back to find the dress. I'm serious! If you have an overall budget of $10,000 you cannot afford a $2,000. If you were to spend $2,000 on a $10,000 total budget, guess what? You will look beautiful enough to eat because you won't be able to afford to feed your guests.

Also, even if you have a larger budget, letting us know what it is can also be really helpful if you have a very specific style in mind. There are certain styles such as lots of lace or beaded detail that just aren't available at lower budgets. If this is the case isn't it better for us to be up front with you about the price scale that you may have to spend in order to get exactly what you want?

Lastly, as a Bridal Consultant, we have to keep in mind that 99% of you are likely going to need some sort of alterations in order to make that dress fit perfectly. That said, we want to make sure that we are including alterations in the budget. Nothing would be worse than finding the dream dress but it ends up fitting you poorly or you are tripping over the length because you couldn't afford the alterations.

If you really don't want to share your budget, one thing you could do is ask what the price ranges of the dresses are so that you can make sure you aren't shopping at a place that you can't afford. Make sure to ask about the general cost of alterations. In some areas, the cost of alterations can be as much as the dress itself. The more information you give us, the more realistic we can be with you.

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