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What Questions Bridal Consultants Might Ask

It helps to be prepared for your bridal appointment. Here is a list of questions we might ask to get to know you better and to help us find a dress that matches your vision.

  1. When is your wedding? The time of year will make a difference in the type of dress you end up with. You don't want sleeves and lots of layers if you are getting married in the summer. Wedding dresses can be heavy and hold in heat so this is important to know.

  2. Where are you getting married? Beach, mountains, country, or city all have different vibes. Beach dresses need to be light and flowy with little or no train, mountains would be awesome with a lacey or boho style and even a fur shrug. City screams ballgown.

  3. Have you booked your venue? This is one of the most important questions. You don't want to buy a giant glitzy ballgown if you are getting married outdoors in a barn. Or maybe you do, but matching the dress to the venue is something to consider.

4. What size is the wedding? Is it just a small intimate affair with your close friends and family? This gives a more relaxed feel. Or maybe it is more formal with everyone you and your family has ever met in which case you will want a more elegant gown to match.

5. Do you like pearls, beads, rhinestones and lace or are you more of a simple clean lines and satin kinda girl?

6. What is your budget? This is a topic for a whole new blog post because for some reason a lot of brides are shy about sharing it. I will say this: Lets not fall in love with a Ferrari if all you can afford is a Toyota. If we know your budget in advance, we can keep that Ferrari hidden and not tempt you to blow your budget.

7. Lastly what street size clothes do you wear? Believe it or not a lot of women don't know the answer to this question. Or they answer with odd numbers like 17. Ladies, odd sizes are for teenagers and chances are if you are looking for a wedding dress, you haven't been a teenager at least for a few years. Congratulations you have now graduated to the even numbers. Sizes like Small/Medium/Large still have 3 possible sizes each which is a big range. If you aren't sure, no worries, let us measure you to be sure. We want your dress to fit properly and not so tight that it is creating curves where you don't need there to be curves. A beautifully fitting wedding dress should accentuate all the things you love about your body.

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