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Why is There a Guest Minimum at the Bridal Store?

Other than the obvious seating and overcrowding issue there is actually a more important reason that bridal stores restrict the number of guests you can bring to your fitting. Lets think for a minute about cars. (I know its a weird analogy but hang in there with me, it will make sense. ) Think about the cars that your friends and family drive. Some have trucks, some have cars, some have SUV's. Some are very expensive, some are cheap. Some are showy and some are practical. Some have all of the bells and whistles, some are just for getting from point A to point B. Some always buy a certain brand. The point is, everyone has their preferences and likely they are all different. Chances are none of them drive the exact same car as you with the exact same bells and whistles in the exact same color, am I right?

Now think about the women in your life. Think specifically how they dress. Do they dress elegant, fancy, simple, practical, showy? Do they accessorize or spend lots of money on their hair/makeup? Are there some that are more simple, natural and outdoorsy? Do you see where I am going with this? Probably they don't all dress the same. They don't have the same preferences. Certainly not all of your friends and family have the exact same preferences, likes and dislikes as you do. That would be boring, right?

Here is my point. The more people you bring to your fitting, the more opinions you will receive and that can be really confusing. One likes ballgowns, one likes sweet and simple, one loves all the bling, the other hates those things. It is really difficult for your guests to set aside their preferences and only think about yours. Trying on wedding dresses is highly emotional and despite how hard they may try not to, their opinions are always going to influence the bride. Then what happens is the bride second guesses her own likes/dislikes and may even want to please their friends and family. No one wants to disappoint their mom/gma/best friend etc. One of two things occurs at this point... you leave without a dress because you couldn't find the perfect dress that meets everyone's preferences, or worse, you purchase a dress that doesn't meet your preferences.

We understand you want to include all of your loved ones in the planning of this big event but a bridal fitting is not the place for this. Picking the wrong dress can be a pricey mistake. There are so many other ways you can include your friends and family in a more productive way. Dress fittings don't need to be stressful so keep your guest list to yourself and one or two other people such as your mother and best friend. Trust us, the experience will be so much better. You are much more likely to walk out with a dress and one that you won't have regrets about down the line.

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